Purpose of Resonance

This document aims to describe a new mechanisms for the internet, known as Resonance, to allow others services to be much easy enough for anyone to use, and other various means of improving communications on the internet. Hopefully, this document will change the way people think about the internet.

Please also be aware that the screenshots or concepts in this program are not final. In fact, the screenshots are fabricated but are what I expect the application to look similar to eventually. The actual system is being designed in a way that any user interface could be easily designed for it.

Resonance will not only be designed to be simple and powerful, but it is designed in a way which will pave the way for new innovations and better designs of current systems (especially in the cases of decentralized systems). It will boost social activities on the internet spawning a new generation of friendships over the internet, but also make it a lot harder for hackers to break into users systems.

Probably its biggest benefit will be for computer illiterate people, who will finally be able to find their way onto the internet and start sharing activities with other people they know without needing to learn to use the computer for 2 or 3 years until they understand the lower level properties of TCP/IP.

Hopefully, the end result will be an internet where users can refer to other users, and their services in a way that a human can easily remember, instead of dots and numbers.