Important Note To All the Eager Developers Out there

I am kindly asking the various developers to please restrain themselves from coding their own implementations of this concept until at least, a sample API has been documented, and relevant JEP's for the system have been released, to prevent a massive list of incompatible implementations.

It is also important to note that there are some very severe security implications if the system is not properly developed, and therefore no one without a very strong knowledge of computer security, and a long history of programming should touch it. The worst case scenario created when the system is improperly designed is flash attacks, created by hackers using worms which could infect most of the internet within a few minutes (done by simply reading everyones services list and opening the firewall on their end, and sending a payload to "good" services).

This warning is not here because I want to force everyone to wait for me to program it first, it is done for the users sakes, and to prevent incompatible implementations in the future. I have only detailed a few of the minor security issues in this document, however, there are many which are known to exist, including ones which are difficult to pick up on. In fact, even after working out the details of the project for 3 or 4 months, I have been altering details of the project to improve security. While I believe that my personal list of known security issues that may be created by this project have been isolated, they are not yet publically documented, however will be in the near future.